About John P Morgan’s Hundred Holidays

Hi. I’m John.

I used to travel the world pretty much full-time. I lived mostly out of a backpack for about three years. You can read about these travels on my other travel blog

In 2009  I decided to stay in one place because I wanted to grow roots and build a business. I chose to settle in London because living here is like travelling the world without moving. Here are two of my businesses:

Sometimes I still go away on short travel adventures. Utilising the ‘less is more’ philosophy, these adventures are a combination of self-imposed restrictions and freedoms:

  • Go anywhere in the world.
  • Do anything I want.
  • Stay with anyone I desire. (I’m usually couchsurfing!)
  • The budget for the entire journey is £100 including everything from my door in London and back again. I’m calling it ‘Ultracheap Travel’.
  • No bringing anything that doesn’t fit in my pockets. No backpack. No change of clothes. Pretty much just a bit of cash, my iPhone and a toothbrush. I’m calling it ‘Ultralight Travel’.

I hope you enjoy following my adventures here on Hundred Holidays.

Love & Adventure,

John P Morgan

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