Hitchhiking to Oslo

by JP Morgan on June 18, 2011

My next Hundred Holiday will be for three days and two nights July 9th & 10th, in Oslo, Norway.

After flight £36 and bus £14, I’ll have £50 to spend in Norway.

Although this trip will be one less day than my previous trip, it will certainly prove more challenging.

Oslo is one of the most expensive cities in the world and the current exchange rate between Great British Pound and Norwegian Krone isn’t really in my favour.

Not that I’d eat one, but at the current rates a Big Mac in Norway costs about £10 (US$16).

To make things even more challenging, I’m not flying into Oslo itself.

I’m flying into a smaller airport in a city called Rygge, which is about 2 hours by bus from Oslo.

The bus isn’t an option though.

Bus fare would cost me about £20…and I need to eat while I’m in Norway.

So I will be hitchhiking from Rygge to Oslo…and then back again on Monday.

Truthfully, some of this is about facing an irrational fear I have of hitchhiking that was drilled into me as an American.

Rationally there is little reason to fear hitchhiking, but I’ve never done it…because, well…you’re not supposed to.

But I had a girlfriend once who hitchhiked all the time.

She started at 16 years old and even once hitchhiked with her dog from the middle of the USA all the way to Alaska!

I used to give her a hard time (“It’s dangerous!” “You’re crazy!”), but secretly I’ve always admired her for it.

After recently meeting two Lithuanian girls who had hitchhiked all over Europe, I decided I needed to stretch my travel comfort zone a tad bit more and start hitchhiking.

So what did I do? I picked the safest country in the world to hitchhike in!

Well safest as far as what this hitchhiking website says.

And actually, a Norwegian friend of mine said the same thing to me yesterday – that Norway is the safest place in the world to hitchhike.

So if you know anyone headed north from Rygge on 9th July…do have them lookout for me.

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David Straker July 2, 2011 at 11:28 am

Go John!

Great to see you out there, doing it. There’s a book in this, clear as day!

Keep on truckin’



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