Less is More

by JP Morgan on May 26, 2011


The stuff in the photo above, plus my iPhone (used to make the photo), is everything I’m bringing for 4 days in Austria.

When I first started travelling I had a backpack that equaled me in both size and weight. I carried two weeks worth of clothes, books, gadgets, a laptop, boots and all sorts of random stuff I was sure I needed. Even a skateboard!

Since 1999, much has changed about how I travel.

You see, there are different kinds of travelling I enjoy, such as long distance bicycle touring, city hopping with a backpack, road tripping in a campervan and even relaxing vacations at posh resorts.

However, these new adventures are about minimalism.

Spend less, because I enjoy the challenge and the unexpected experiences that come with budget travel. I also hope to inspire others to get out there travelling further and more often as well.

Carry less, because I’ve learned there is a certain freedom that comes with shedding “stuff”.

As Wayne Dyer said in one of his audio programs “Simplify, simplify, simplify.”

It’s a way of life really.

My hope is that these trips will help me to meet lots of interesting people, to improve my resourcefulness and to experience even more deeply that ‘less is more’.

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Vincent May 26, 2011 at 9:09 am

Your travels are exciting, I love what you are doing, the minimalism and very cheap. I am almost jealous.
I wish you all the best with these travels. And I can’t wait to read your adventures…
I am sharing it right now


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