Oslo For Under £100?

by JP Morgan on July 11, 2011


Considering Oslo is one of the most expensive cities on Earth, I actually wasn’t sure I was going to be able to pull this one off without forcing myself not to eat.

However, my host, his friends and even a girl from CouchSurfing who I met for an hour to trade travel stories – all fed me. Frozen pizza, day-old baked goods, endless coffee, huge breakfast, dal soup and lots of fruit and veg.

I slept for free in a comfy bed at my hosts office in the center of Oslo city, showered and washed my clothes at his place too.

I was fed and full the whole weekend leaving only a few small meals to spend money on myself.

For sightseeing over the three days, walks around Oslo more than sufficed.

Without the hitchhiking, it never would have happened.

Only by fifty Kroner’s, but I made it!

Roundtrip Flight (STN<->RYG) – £36
Bus to/from London Stansted – £14
Latte & Pastry – £8 (NKR63)
Banana, OJ & Bread – £4 (NKR31)
Croissant – £4 (NKR32)
Hummus Sandwich – £8 (NKR64)
Bus to Rygge Airport – £17 (NKR140)
Weird Snack Thing – £2 (NKR15)
Lost £1 (NKR5)


And I’m so hooked on not having a bag with me now. Ultralight travel is ultra-freedom. Hard to imagine going back!

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